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About WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a convenient cloud-based solution for sending and receiving huge files. The company providing this service began in 2009 and has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

Users may upload files up to 2GB in size and share them with others through email or a download link using WeTransfer. The service’s minimalistic layout and straightforward design contribute to its ease of use.

WeTransfer’s quickness is one of its most appealing characteristics. Even with enormous files, the upload and download times are fast. The programme provides a wide variety of personalization choices, such as composing a unique email and selecting a unique backdrop.

There is a free version of WeTransfer as well as a premium version available. customers may transfer up to 2GB in size with the free version, while paying customers get access to unlimited storage space and premium features like password security and bespoke branding.

When it comes to sending and receiving huge files swiftly and simply, many people, including corporations, turn to WeTransfer. WeTransfer is a dependable and easy method of file transmission because of its user-friendly design, quick speeds, and customizable choices.

FAQs for WeTransfer

How does WeTransfer work?

WeTransfer works by allowing users to upload files to its cloud-based servers and then send them to recipients via email or a download link.

Is WeTransfer free?

Yes, WeTransfer offers a free version of its service that allows to send files up to 2GB for free.

Is WeTransfer secure?

WeTransfer takes security and privacy seriously and uses industry-standard encryption to protect files in transit and at rest.

Can I use WeTransfer to send files to people who don’t have an account?

Yes, recipients do not need to have a WeTransfer account in order to receive files sent through the service. They can simply download the files via the download link provided in the email.

How long are files stored on WeTransfer’s servers?

Files uploaded to WeTransfer’s servers are stored for seven days. After that, they are automatically deleted.

Can I track when my file is downloaded?

WeTransfer does not offer a built-in tracking feature, but users can opt to receive an email notification when the file is downloaded.

Does WeTransfer offer any customization options?

Yes, WeTransfer offers a range of customization options for its paid users, including the ability to add custom branding and set a password for files.